Veritas Solicitors & Consult has handled many successful appeal cases for applicants seeking for entry clearance to UK whose visa applications were unjustly refused. Right of appeal significantly depends on the category of visa application. Most categories of visa applications do not attract full right of appeal presently as a result of continuous changes on the UK Immigration Rules.

In situations where full right of appeal is granted, we will properly analyze your application and your personal circumstances to determine the best options available to you. After thorough analysis, we may resolve to file for appeal if we believe that you have a good case.  If on the other hand we discover that you have very slim chance of winning the case, we will resort to reapplication, taking necessary steps in addressing issues raised by the Immigration Officer in the refusal notice. We are always in a good position to know what best serves your interest.

It is however important to stress that adequate effort should be made to effectively and urgently address the concerns sighted by the ECO as there is time limit for your right of appeal to remain valid. Delay in attending to the matter may result to waiving your right of appeal. We advise you to contact us as soon as you receive your Refusal Notice from the UKBA for immediate action.