To be able to travel to the United State of America for tourism, visit friend or for business, you need a visa to do so except if you are a citizen of a country that enjoy visa waiver program from USA. In that case you can travel to the United States visa free for pleasure or business purposes.

If you are not a citizen of one of the countries under the visa waiver program, you must apply for B1/B2 visa to be able to travel to US for business purposes, tourism and visiting your friends in US. You may be able to get a 2 years visa in your first application which is a multiple visa. However the immigration officer at the point of entry determines how long you will spend each time you visit US within the validity period of the visa.

To apply for B1/B2 visa you must first pay the stipulated visa fee through a US embassy approved bank for the payment. You can move ahead to complete your online visa application form after which an appointment is scheduled for an interview at the US embassy with an immigration officer who determines your eligibility after the interview.

Please talk to us if you are planning for a trip to the US for business purposes or for pleasure. We are in a good position to guide you towards a successful and hitch free visa application.