The Tourist, General and Family Visitors applications comes in the following categories:

  • General visitor
  • Family visitor
  • Medical visitor
  • Business visitor
  • Sports visitor
  • Transit visitor

General Visitor
This is for people intending to have a holiday or to visit friends in the UK. If you are an adult and you intend to travel to UK for tourism, visit a friend, you should apply to visit UK as a general visitor. It is a well known fact that visa application involves a lot of documentation. We will guide you through the documentation process and ensure that your declaration on the visa application form is matched with requisite documents to ensure a successful outcome.

Family Visitors
If you want to visit members of your family in the UK, you can apply to travel to UK as a family visitor (or as a child visitor if you are under 18). Your family member must be a British Citizen or a foreign national with an indefinite leave to remain in UK. This visa category allows you to stay for less than 6 months in UK. Note that not all the relations of the UK sponsor are qualified as family members. We will advise you on your qualification as a family member of the sponsor during our interview with you. Please schedule an appointment with us for consultation if you intend to apply for this category of visa to ensure smooth and successful visa application.

Medical Visitor
If you want to travel to the UK for a short time for a medical treatment, you can apply as a visitor for private medical treatment. You will not be able to receive treatment from the National Health Service rather such visitors must show that they can support themselves while in the UK and be able to pay for their treatment. Contact us for proper guidance if you want to apply for this category of visa.

Business Visitor
The business visitor category is for people who want to travel to UK for business purposes for a short time. This includes trips to transact businesses, business meetings, business negotiations, buying goods, etc. Also included are academic visitors, visiting professors, overseas news media representatives and film crews on location.

Sports Visitor
If you are a foreign national based abroad but you want to visit the UK for short period to undertake sports-related activities, you may be able to visit as a sports visitor. This category of visa application is meant for the following persons:

  • Sportspersons who want to take part in specific sports events in UK, participate in sporting competition as individuals or member of a team;
  • An amateur sportsperson who intends to join an amateur team for no fee;
  • Take part in trials;
  • Negotiate a contract or to discuss a sponsorship deal, etc.

Transit Visitor
If you are on transit to a different destination other than UK, you will need a UK transit visa to continue your journey from UK to your destination. You may apply for transit visa from your country of residence prior to departure to UK. You may not extend your transit visa in UK if you want to. You will need to return to your country of residence to do that.