Tier 4 Students Visa is part of the UK points-based system open for migrants who want to study in the UK. It could be a herculean task for anyone without up-to-date information about the requirements for this category of visa application.

Recently, lots of changes were made on the requirements for this visa category, for instance applicants must secure a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from a qualified and licensed education provider in the UK.

An applicant will also demonstrate that he/she is able to support him/herself financially for the period of the studies in UK. There is also a basic requirement for English Language Proficiency which may be obtained from any of the recommended English Language providers by the UKBA.  Applicant in this category of application will also undergo an interview to establish his/her eligibility for the visa.

We will ensure that our client is dealing with a licensed sponsor by verifying the sponsor to confirm that it still has a valid license to sponsor foreign students from outside UK. We will also prepare our clients for the expected interview.

For full advice and guideline for a successful Tier 4 General Visa application, please schedule an appointment with us to meet with an experienced consultant.