To be able to travel to South Africa for tourism, visit a friend or family, you will require a short term visa of a maximum of 3 months. You may not be able to switch to a longer term or immigration visa to South Africa if you traveled with a short term visa. This category of visa do not allow you to work in the Republic but you can undertake a short term study if you choose to do so. You will however not exceed the duration of your visa if you decide for a short term study.

For the purpose of transacting business in South Africa, you will need a business visa to do so. You should apply and obtain a business visa if the main purpose of your visit to South Africa is to conduct business or commercial activities, such as Meetings, Conference, Trainings, Trade Fairs, etc. You will also have evidence to show business relationship with a South African business associate to qualify for such visa.

For application to study in South African educational Institutions, you will need a study permit. To qualify for a study permit, you will be able to establish to the South African Immigration officer that you are of good character, in good health condition, will leave South Africa to your country at the end of your studies and also show evidence of your ability to fund your studies and maintain yourself in South Africa for the duration of your studies.

Please contact us for guidance if you have interest in visiting South Africa for any reason.