Information on this page will go a long way to answer most common questions our clients are concerned about.

Please go through it carefully. You are however expected to contact us via our contact section for any further questions that could not be answered here.


How do I apply for a visa?

You can visit any of our offices with the necessary visa application supporting documents and a valid Travel Document (International Passport).

Where Can I submit my visa application?

For countries that use Visa Application Centre(s) like UK, France, Italy, Ireland, Canada, Australia, etc, you can submit copy of your completed and signed visa application form with the supporting documents at the Visa Application Centre nearest to you. For countries that do not use visa application centre, you can submit your application form and supporting documents directly at the country’s embassy.

How can I get a copy of the Visa Application Form?

Most countries now use the online visa application forms in which case you must complete and submit the application form online. You can visit any of our branches for further advice on how to complete your online application form.

Do I need to book appointment for UK visa application?

Yes. After completing your visa application form online, the next step will be to book appointment date for submission of the printed copy of the form with your supporting documents at the Visa Application Centre.

How long can I wait before my application is processed?

It depends on the category of visa application you made. In most cases you are advised to submit your application.

How can I pay my Visa Fee for UK visa?

Applicants in Nigeria can now pay their UK visa fee online. Soon after completing your online visa form and booking appointment for submission of your form, you are expected to pay the appropriate visa fee online.

How do I get my passport and supporting documents back after submission?

Once you submit your application at the Visa Application Centre, it will be dispatched to the Embassy who will then process and return your passport and other documents to Visa Application Centre where you originally submitted your application. The Centre will now alert you that your documents are ready for collection.



How can I know that I have an option of appeal for my visa refusal?

This information is contained in the Visa Refusal Notice issued for the refusal. If you are in doubt, please bring copy of your Refusal Notice to any of our branches for further advice and guidance.

How long can I wait before filing my appeal if granted?

You must appeal within 28 days from the date of the visa refusal.

How long can I wait for decision on my appeal?

In most cases decisions can be reached by the Tribunal within 3 months of filing your appeal and a maximum of 6 months. We will contact you as soon as we receive a copy of the decision from the Tribunal.

If my appeal is allowed, how do I get my visa?

The Embassy will invite you to submit your International Passport for issuance of visa within a reasonable time soon after the decision by the Tribunal. Meanwhile, we will inform you about the decision as soon as we receive it from the Tribunal.

When can I request for an Administrative Review on my case?

We can only advise you on this matter after going through your visa refusal notice. So please see us for advice as soon as you receive the refusal notice.

If my review is considered favorably, how can I get my visa?

The Embassy will inform us in writing about this; in which case we will advise you to visit the Embassy with your International Passport. On the other hand they may contact you directly advising you to submit your International Passport at the Embassy to issue the visa.

If my Request for administrative review is considered favorably, can I pay for Visa fee again?

No. You are not expected to pay any further fees having paid earlier at the submission stage.

My UK visa application is refused under paragraph 320, what can I do?

We need a clear understanding of the circumstances surrounding the refusal to be able to advise you properly on this. You may still have good chances of overturning the decision if there exists obvious error(s) in the decision taken by the Entry Clearance Officer. Visit any of our branches with all documents submitted and a copy of the refusal notice.