The kind of visa that you require for entry into the UAE depends on the following:

  • The nationality of the visitor
  • The purpose of the visit
  • The duration of the visit.

Certain country’s nationals do not require visa to travel to UAE while some others can obtain visa on arrival at the UAE airport. However, if you are not a national of the countries mentioned above, you will require a visa and a sponsor for your visit. The sponsor normally applies for the visa on your behalf.

There is service visa valid for 14 days. This is the type of visa used by individuals travelling to UAE for business purposes.  There is a tourist visa valid for 30 days.   Also available is a visit visa valid for 30 days which can be extended for another 30 days.

Note that in all respects, there must be a sponsor who will apply for the visa on your behalf. The sponsor will be responsible for your departure from UAE at the expiration of your visa having committed him/herself with the immigration authorities to guarantee your departure. Upon your departure, the sponsor is entitled to reclaim the deposited fee made to ensure your departure.

VERITAS Solicitors & Consult partners with reliable sponsors in UAE to ensure that your business trip to Dubai or visit is hitch free and that visa is promptly obtained too. Our partners in UAE will ensure that your visit visa is extended if the need arises. They will normally be on hand to link you with organizations requiring individuals for employment for those that purposely travel to seek for employment.