Administrative Review is only presently available for Student Visa Application. There may be instances where this category of visa application is refused as a result of error in judgment by the Immigration Officer who considered the application. In such circumstances we advise the client after proper appraisal of the Visa Application Form (VAF), documents submitted and the Refusal Notice on what option is appropriate in his situation. We may decide for an administrative review as the best option if we believe that the circumstances under which visa was refused is not justified based on the fact that there was an error in judgment on the part of the Immigration Officer.

The advantage is that we will use the opportunity to clarify all doubtful issues raised by the Immigration Officer as reasons for denial. Also if the review is granted, the applicant will no longer pay a visa fee for the issuance of the visa as the case is treated as a review of a previous application and not as a fresh application. Please contact us urgently for advice as soon as you receive your refusal notice.