veritas-immigration-services-lagos-nigeria_0.jpgVeritas Solicitors & Consult is an experienced Immigration Consulting firm with individual and corporate organizations as clients. We are versed in immigration applicable laws and visa application procedures relating to various countries like United Kingdom, US, Canada, UAE and Schengen States.

We provide valuable advice based on individual circumstances after proper analysis of personal, economic, financial, social circumstances and immigration history of the applicant to determine eligibility for any category of visa application.

Our experienced and dedicated staff eagerly awaits to offer immigration services aimed at a successful migration to your desired destination.  We are specialist immigration service provider with practical experience whose utmost desire is to attain a positive result.

It is understandable that applying for visa in whatever category, to most people especially in this part of the world is exceptionally tasking, distressful and worrisome. We are however ready and well equipped to go extra mile with our clients to ensure that their immigration challenges are properly handled for a positive outcome.  We see to it that your application is smooth and stress free through proper and adequate case management. All our clients are guaranteed personal attention at all times.

A great number of people has fallen victim to fraudsters in their bid to secure visa to travel abroad. This is because of the age long belief that only agents can obtain visas for prospective travelers. But we can assure you that with a proper guidance; you can apply for your visa by yourself and be successful without employing agent thereby avoiding loosing hard earned money to fraudsters. Make out time to consult with our experienced immigration experts for advice to avoid being a victim to tricksters.

We welcome you to add your name to the ever stretching list of successful applicants who have passed through our guidance to a resounding and happy testimony.

VERITAS (Truth)…. we work by our name.


veritas-educational-services-lagos-nigeria.jpg Application Process:
VERITAS Consult in conjunction with professional bodies and individuals offer educational services to prospective students with interest in studying abroad. We access your academic records and proffer valuable advice to guide you towards making a good choice in your chosen field of studies. Guidance is given to students on the need for standardized tests such as SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, and LSAT which are necessary admission requirements for most accredited universities and colleges around the globe.

Standardized Tests:
Universities and Colleges in the United Kingdom, US and Canada have similar standardized tests to assess prospective students for admission. Some of the standardized tests includes SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, and LSAT. However some Canadian and UK institutions do not require standardized tests but would expect students to take the institution’s organized tests prior to admission. Proper guidance will be given to students on the required tests to be taken prior to admission.

Refresher and Skills Upgrading Programs:
We realize the need for continuous training of the Management staff of companies and organizations to keep abreast with the ever changing economic developments and innovations in the various industries. Veritas Consult arrange for Refresher and Skill Upgrading Programs for company chief executives, top management staff of companies and organizations, teachers and individuals to meet the challenges of technological and economic development.